Newer browsers often disable Flash to save energy. Sometimes they switch Flash off if it isn't the latest versions so it suddenly needs to be upgraded.
These issues can suddenly start happening in your computer if something is or isn't upgraded.

If you aren't seeing interactives or animations or see a 'You need Flash' this is probably what has happened.

It is usually quite easy to sort out.

There is guidance already in this FAQ for:

Flash problems in Chrome

Updating Flash in Edinburgh schools.


You can check what version of Flash you having installed by clicking here. It should be minimum player version 11.2  or above

but for many newer browsers needs to be the latest version.

To update the Flash Player in your internet browser. Click here. (You may need to contact your IT system admin or IT provider).

In addition you may have Flash installed but it might be switched off in your browser preferences.

Here are some links on switching on/enabling your Flash:

Firefox for Windows 

Safari for Mac


Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 11

In some school computers the ability to do this is limited  so you may need to raise this with your IT coordinator.

If you are still having problems - or find this kind of thing too complicated -  don't worry we can sort it out.

Please contact us via